About us

We're two South Africans with a love for all things meat related. Our perfect weekend consists of a braai (whether it's sunshine or snow), a Springbok rugby match on TV and a plentiful supply of biltong. When you live in Switzerland, there are only two ways to get your biltong fix: Import it at an astronomical cost or make it yourself. It's really a no-brainer. We started making biltong, droëwors (Trockenwurst) and boerewors (Grillwurst) for ourselves and friends and it simply grew from there. In 2021 we bough the long established but dormant Catora Swiss Alpine Biltong. Since then we have supplied many, many satisfied customers with the Catora Swiss Alpine Biltong, a unique combination of the South African biltong recipe and the Swiss Bundnerfleisch standards as well as with the traditional products: biltong, droëwors and boerewors. We pride ourselves on the quality of our ingredients. The beef we use is certified Swiss meat, free from hormones and other chemicals. Of course our spice mixture (which we make ourselves) is completely free from additives and chemicals. For us, Catora is a labour of love. With every piece of biltong and stick of droëwors we sell, we put our reputation on the line. Thus far our customers appear to be quite satisfied. Questions? Send a mail to info@catora.ch.